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About us

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AV HONGKONG BEST INTERNATONAL GROUP LTD – is an international production and logistics holding company,
that works with love and focuses on the interests of customers
Powerful production
in China
Efficient process of logistics
and customs clearance
International level experts
Your advantages when partnering with us:
We have more than 15 years of experience of working in China and with China, we know all business process details of this country
We are always in touch - you have your personal manager, who 24/7 will give you information on your order
Our specialists constantly control the production and inspect the goods at the factory
Own logistics complex (containers, warehouses, leased lines) help you save money on delivery
We work transparently: you don't make full prepayment at once, the payment is done step by step, as we perform the work
Your advantages when partnering with us:
Our production facilities
We believe that the brand and the people who create it must share
this very philosophy of conscious life, where at the head of everything the timeless values stand:
home, family, love, care, mutual help.
Our brand
We not only produce and deliver products by wholesale and small wholesale
under the brands of customers.
We also develop own brand that shares the philosophy of the company,
while it has its own unique spirit and visual embodiment.
Head office:
Room B2602, No.6 Lotte Century City ETDZ Weihai Shandong, China
Hot line number: