Wholesale Hygiene paper products with worldwide delivery
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About us

free call worldwide
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Manufacture and supply of premium quality hygiene paper products under your brand
for unchallenged triumph
and growth of your business
Low price of production - your high profitability
Efficient process of logistics around the world - minimum of your hassle
International level of branding and packaging design
Our products
Paper napkins in solid packaging
100, 130, 200, 250 psc
Paper napkins in soft packing
100, 200 psc
Paper kitchen towel
set of 2 packs per 200 m, 75 sheets per roll
Toilet paper
packages of 1, 4, 10 pcs
Wet wipes
10, 20, 40, 80, 120 pcs
Pocket Tissues
set of 10 packs per 10 pieces / pack
You can place
a combined order collecting,
a container of the goods you need.
In case of large orders (from 1 and more 40 ft containers) we can develop an individual form of packaging and number of pieces in it.
We care about every cooperation so you could appreciate the philosophy of our company and the Folk brand, we will take care of the main part of your goods production process
A personal
service manager
who monitors
and accompanies your order at all consumer phases
A wide range
of products
which already are in stable demand, and the ability to manufacture products according to your parameters
Separate production line
to your orders. You will always be assured
of manufacture terms
and products delivery time
High quality
of final products
(100% cellulose) can be reached by established production technologies
Efficient process
of logistics
starting from storage of the goods produced
at Folk`s warehouses up to delivery anywhere
in the world to the doors of your
with many years of experience in development
and implementation of " turnkey" trademarks,
and also a qualified assistance
in launching a marketing strategy
and promotion
Please order an individual
calculation for production
and supply
Your trade mark for any price segment

Our marketing department knows how to make a brand of any price
segment, from economy to premium, make it effective and profitable.

We will take care of all challenges: we will investigate the market
and the audience, we will develop positioning, in cooperation with
technologists we will select optimal characteristics for the products, together with branding team we will pack
your trade mark so that your sales will burst up.

Affordable delivery of goods
to your warehouse

Since we have our own freight forwarding company
and warehouses in China, we are able to offer
you the best prices for products
delivery and storage.

Logistics and customs clearance managers will offer you solutions that minimize transport costs per unit of output.

We offer
Warehouse storage
Customs clearance
Delivery and logistics
Marketing and promotion
Branding and package design
Work flow plan
Apply for product order
We make out invoice
for design and mold.
Our branding team develops
an exclusive design.

We agree on the design layout.
We produce the mold
We agree on a mold
Make agree on the sample (we send you a ready-made packaging sample by express post, it takes up to 3 days)
We conclude a contract for production and supply. You make an advance payment of 20 to 30%
We allocate a line for you, we produce the ordered volume of the goods, we inform you that cargo is ready
We receive the rest of the payment from you up to 100%
We organize customs clearance and delivery
Cooperation with Folk - is efficient “turnkey” logistics process
Delivery anywhere in the world without limits
Drafting customs declaration and fulfilment customs clearance
Freight forwarding, tracking all over the way
Delivery according to your order, to the warehouse or to the door
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About Us
The philosophy of our company and our own
brand Folk fully confirms our approach to cooperation and production of paper hygienic products under your Trade mark:
We make it as if we did it for ourselves
Only effective solutions for your business
“Turnkey” work, for which we are responsible
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